Will Your Kids See Your Pictures 29 Years From Now?

Pictures of every home I've lived in -inside and out.
Family picnics, Easter outfits, Christmas morning, sitting with Grandma and Grandpa.
My babies, our pets, a new car, birthday parties, Halloween costumes, kids baseball games.
The list in my mind is endless……
I was going through a box of old pictures yesterday and letting my thoughts take me back as I
Then it hit me!
I take a lot of pictures but the prints of them do not exists -oh they are on many little cards
in my camera (which doesn't get used much now).
They are on my phone, IPad.
But they are not printed out on old fashion PAPER!
What will the next generations be looking at?
My phone?
That little blue and red card with 400 pictures on it?
I wonder.
It seems I am taking pictures of everything all of the time.
Oh, I post them on facebook for the world to see.
Will future generations be looking for them there?
There is something so sweet about taking out a box or album of old pictures and
reminiscing. A smile.A tear. A rush of LOVE!
I am going to start printing.
I owe it to the future!
How about those pictures for yours?