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Get a Smart Start® and Join the many Home Sellers that have Saved $125.00 on Closing Costs Through Gateway Title

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You’ve decided to sell your property and now you will need a title exam.

A title exam is a search into the public records that pertain to your property to verify your ownership and to disclose any liens against it. This exam is mandatory in order for you to obtain title insurance. If this exam uncovers problems – such as unreleased mortgages, misfiled paperwork, or typos on filed documents – you as the seller must fix all outstanding issues to ensure that your title is marketable & insurable. Waiting to have a title exam performed can result in delays in receiving your proceeds check, not being able to move on time, or even losing your buyer!

With Smart Start®, you are paying for the same title exam that you are required to have before you can transfer your property.

But, if you get a Smart Start®, we do the exam NOW, before you have a buyer, and give you enough time to resolve potential problems. The exam is good for one year – giving you plenty of time to sell. This also gives us enough time to resolve any issues your title may have so that you are not delayed at closing.

Not convinced yet? Smart Start® will save you $125!
What if we told you that Smart Start® will save you $125 in closing costs? By allowing us time to prepare in advance, you will qualify for Gateway’s “Special Smart Start®” Title Exam Fee, which is $250. If you choose to wait until closing you will pay the Standard Title Exam Fee of $375.

Do you qualify to receive this benefit? Start SAVING TODAY!
You are eligible for our Smart Start® program if you have not yet signed a purchase agreement. Contact one of our title consultants about Smart Start® and start SAVING TODAY!

If you would like to talk to one of our title consultants to see if Smart Start is right for you, call our office at 440-546-9660.