TEN WAYS to CURE CABIN FEVER – from Gateway Title

Instead of waiting….waiting …. for spring to spring out,
Start getting busy on your plan to sell your house this year.
1. Clean up and throw out or call a local charity to pick up your discards.
What better why to get some exercise, stay warm and get your mind off the weather?
2. Make those minor repairs you've been putting off.
You know,  loose cupboard doors, leaky faucets and slow drains – things like that.
3. Look up other homes for sale in your area.
Try Zillow , Realtor.com, and other real estate websites,compare list prices on homes similar  to yours.
4. Decide how you are going to handle your  listing –
Hire an agent or go “For Sale By Owner”?
5. Under stand the cost and what is involved in closing.
Get your free “Smart Seller's Kit” from Gateway Title – best education out there.
6. Study the information given to you in the kit.
Call or email Gatewaytitle.com with your questions and we'll help you!
7. Register for Gateway Title Seller's Workshop, February 22,2014
Learn from the experts on Paper work, Mortgage information, Marketing Real Estate and MORE!
8. SMART START your title work and save on closing costs.
By having your title examined before you have a buyer, if there is a title problem, it can be
taken care of and no delays when you sell!
9. Lean on us!
Gateway Title is valuable source of information and support!
10. After you get all of this accomplished, You will be CURED of cabin fever and
READY to Get that property SOLD!   SOLD!   SOLD!
(and we can help)
Stay Warm



Gateway Title Cleveland -Busy Is a Good Thing

finally – there is a break through for everyone
 connected with the  Cleveland Real Estate Market.
Our workshops that teach Buyers and Sellers how to understand
a real estate contract and other paper work are filling up fast.
if you are selling with the assistance of an  Agent or
Going by owner, this workshop is here to help you avoid make
costly mistakes because as most tell me
 ” Oh, I didn't realize that
when I signed the offer to purchase”
Those over sightes can prove to be costly.
We are the #1 Cleveland title company when it comes to
educating buyers and sellers to help tham avoid thoise costly mistakes.
If you can't attend our class on Saturday, Feb.22,2014 @ 9:30am
you can have a private consultation – just call or email me.

440 546 9660   rachel@gatewaytitle.com
My time is dedicated to helping buyers and sellers.


The world has changed.
You have changed.
I have changed.
Buyers and Sellers have changed.
Real Estate Market jut Ain't What It Used To Be
A Few years Ago.
How, you say?
The favorite saying was:” Location, Location, Location”
No more!
It has changed to “Location, Condition, Price”
Buyers are a lot more demanding and picky sooooo
If you are selling and what that top $ for your location,
That probably won't happen if you haven't price your
property to the current market in according  to
the condition of the condition it is in!
Looking forward to the Spring Market