It is not unusual that folks stop by our office to ask questions about title, escrow and closing  process.
 In the past 24hours, I have been contacted by two  property owners who are
currently listed.
 One,  is listed with the biggest Cleveland area  company and the other, with a franchise
broker.located just outside of  Cleveland.
For various  reasons, they each are  very unhappy with the service they are getting
 from their  agents.
Each of them contacted the listing agents office to request a release from the listing
agreement they signed.
In each case they tell me they were told absolutely NO!
One of them was told by the agent that she was in the business to make money
 and what he wanted was not important!.
The other seller was left was in tears by the office manager's response.
I guess this is really none of my business – but they came to me and it does bother me
that these “professionals” are only making the image worse for those hard working Cleveland area
real state agents who put their heart and soul into taking care of their customers and clients as
they should be.
Many sellers stop by that we don't know –
I think they are looking for someone to listen to them.
There is nothing I can do or offer about their problem….
But – I listen!