How's the Title Business?

How's the title Business?
Lately I'm hearing this a lot.
Honestly, I can tell you business is a lot busier than it has been for the past few years!
It's been tough. Hanging in there has been the challenge of my lifetime.
This is my family business – not so easy to give up when the whole
 family is involved. It's a time we found what we are really made of.
Everyone sacrificed and worked hard to keep it going.
I've prayed. I've cried. I've gone through exhaustion.
At times I almost forgot how to laugh.
Gateway Title will celebrate 20 years of doing business next month.
There were times I wondered if that would happen.
I know I'm not alone. I know many good people left the business.
There is another side to what I've experienced.
I've learned God does hear prayers I still cry when I hear “God Bless America”
I sleep better at night and my family is stronger then I thought.
Yes the title business is busier lately and we are still here working and doing what we love –
helping buyers and sellers
through the mysterious title and escrow process.
I also know we couldn't do it without you, our wonderful customers
Thank you

Buyers will like this – I dare you!

Rachel says, “I Dare You!”

How many calls do you get from your “for sale” sign?

Increase the action on your property.
Separate your property from the pack.
Put it “on sale” and write the sale price right on your sign!

You put the asking price on your flyers, but how many buyers actually
stop the car to take the flyer?

This is an up front, in your face, bold way to advertise on your lawn
sign. I discovered this selling secret from sellers who did it and got a
buyer from the attention it drew.

Anything can be for sale,
The real deals are “on sale”.

If you’d like a white Plastic sign, we found some old signs on which you
could write the asking price and attach to your present yard sign.

Just stop by our Gateway Title Brecksville office and get yours for
free – while the supply last.

Email or call us at 440 546 9660 for more information on this

Do you dare?


Listening IS Conversation

Last Wednesday, I walked into a closing room to greet a seller waiting to sign final papers. I said “Good Morning” she looked at me and started crying and told me it just really hit her that she was leaving her home of the past 36 years. The place where she and her husband raised their kids and held 36 years of her life.
She is widowed and is moving in with her son. A new beginning, but also an ending.
I listened as she talked.
She then told me she was ready, signed the final papers and left the office with a smile.
Sometimes others just need someone to listen to them.
Do you ever just listen?
She wasn't asking for my advice.
She just wanted to say her feelings out loud.
Listening is an important way to have a conversation.
People just want to know
they Matter